Dr. Nirmalya Kumar, renowned Marketing and Strategy Guru and Author, discusses his latest book  Brand Breakout: How Emerging Market Brands Will Go Global, with me (Venkat) in an exclusive interview.

Dr Kumar is one of the world's leading thinkers on strategy and marketing. Till recently he was professor of marketing and director of Aditya Birla India Centre at the London Business School. He is now a member of the Group Executive Council of Tata Sons. He is responsible for strategy at the Tata group level.

His book outlines eight pathways through which emerging-market brands can breakout from being simply a domestic brand to being a globally successful brand.

Want to know why you may not see an Indian Toyota or Samsung? How Haier, Huawei, and HTC are becoming household names? ICICI Bank and Dabur, started with Indian customers abroad and later reached out to the local customers in those countries. Why are emerging-market companies keen to acquire global brands?

To get the answers to these questions and more listen to my interview with Dr. Kumar. For an in-depth analysis of these strategies, I strongly recommend reading his book, "Brand Breakout". There are still many opportunities for Indian Brands to Breakout. May be yours will be the next one.